Monday, June 19, 2006

Cat painting

Last week I found some really cute cat figurines at my work's gift shop that I thought would look great on my desk.
The first one I got was a sculpture of three cats, with a dark brown/black finish. It was the only one of that color; but I also liked two others that complimented it, one with two cats and another with a single cat...all the same style, but in a light tan shade. Since they didn't match, I took them home and painted the smaller sets to match the larger triple cat pose...I started with a base of black acrylic ceramic paint and dry-brushed a brown / rust shade over that to bring out the features. I'm pretty happy about getting a fairly matched set now, but the funniest thing about painting the cats was Dakotah's assistance... a black cat helping me paint black cats!

2 people wrote stuff:

Sofia said...

LOL!!! That is too cute!

34quinn said...

Your black kitty looks like my black kitties twin...cept for the collar colours.
I like cats alot too.

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