Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Old paintings

Found two photos of paintings I did in high school...can't remember where the heck the actual paintings went (probably painted over) but at least I have some photos from an art show back then to remember them by.
For a prairie girl, I sure did love doing mountain scenes! I look at these with mixed feelings; critical of those terrible trees, but happy with the mountains and clouds....and I had no idea of focal points or balance. Oh well, it's kinda cool to re-visit these again, nearly 30 years later!

1 people wrote stuff:

34quinn said...

Icredable pictures especially as a kid in highschool!!!!
be proud of those they are awesome. you have such talent.
If you look at them and see some shortcommings that is just because you have grown as an artist.
If you were still that age and a seasoned artist looked at them they would have been amazed at your talent at such an age.

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