Sunday, July 23, 2006

A whole day of scrapping

Since I've been on holidays this week, daughter and I spent 8 hours at our local scrapbook store cropping on Thursday. It was so great! Air-conditioned, no cats knocking our stuff off the table, and we got so much done! Here are four pages I completed, and I even got a card made for a friend at work who is retiring:
Daughter at age 11 on the day we got her a new kitten, Sheba

Our latest fav at Starbucks

I wanted to do a layout with just cardstock -- and I think these photos were good to use for that; they are so busy, they didn't get "lost" in a bunch of patterned paper and embellishments.

3 people wrote stuff:

melissa said...

awesome LO's! love the starbucks one ;)

Sofia said...

Great layouts! :-) I love the kitty pictures! So cute!

Yes, my mom and I are very close. I'm her only child. Sounds like you and your daughter do a lot of things together too. That's wonderful. :-)

Anonymous said...

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