Monday, August 7, 2006

Cooking: The Edible Art

Creating isn't limited to stuff you look at; this weekend I spent five hours making applesauce, and I must say it is a work of art when it is done.You see, we have a great apple-crab tree in our backyard. A cross between a true apple tree and a crabapple, the fruit is sweet and large. This year, because it has been so hot and dry, the apples are ready much earlier than normal. Luckily, I chose yesterday, a rare cool day to cook them up into sauce. Five hours later, three large bags of apples made over 30 freezer bags of pink sweet applesauce; no sugar added...and it sure is great to eat in the middle of winter with a nice pork roast!Even the wasps outside my kitchen window were attracted to the smell of the cooking apples!

2 people wrote stuff:

Sofia said...

LOVE the first picture. I've never had those, but they sound yummy.

Wasps: Yuck! It seems like we have more of them here this year than in the past. They like to make their nests on my parents' roof.

melissa said...

yum to the apple pictures
yuck to the ;)

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